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Dear Parents & Piano Players


  • Have difficulties to select piano scores / books which relevant to your level
  • Bought a difficult original score
  • Get free download, only find it too difficult, or chords, or only different version of other instruments
  • Not have a proper guidance and finally said that playing piano is DIFFICULT
  • You learn old materials  from your teacher and can’t learn any new songs
  • Play Classics 5-7 years, but then you still can’t play pop as Lady Gaga or Madonna or Maroon Five or even Happy Birthday To You

Now you can choose you songs easily

Here in this web I will share my music collection that I have chosen carefully from my 30 years of teaching with more than 1500 students. All the songs has already on the following levels Easy and Intermediate  Levels. That will be Pops, Classical, Jazz. And see the movie too ! I am collaborated together with several online music stores. I know that there are so many songs, so I choose the best to master and give the students pleasure for playing piano. Just click the score and then you can directly order, pay and download at once


Piano, as the other areas of knowledge such science and languages, has been already progressively developed and refined too. There are many new finger techniques, new approaches to theory, chords, producing sounds with different touches, and certainly huge choices of music, not only Classics !  

Books have changed too ! One method teach step by step begin with right proper fingering numbers and continue to reading notes and beats. Other method will directly jump into reading the notes, you saw another series and found it is only song compilation etc… 

Even the piano teaching curriculums  from well-known established institutions as ABRSM (Associated Royal School of Music – UK based), Trinity College of Music (UK based)change every two years !  So, we are as piano teachers have to update our teaching methodology, books, techniques, technology mastery etc. every single year ! It is compulsory.

Here is the key  to master any songs

  • You have to learn any genre of music and practice with  different touch and mood to produce the right ambiance !!! 
  • You have to build comprehensive song library to develop your playing.
  • Choose you own favourite songs from the list and practice.